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Chinagrate Achieved DNV Type Approval for Its US Coast Guard Level 2 Phenolic Gratings - 2008

Chinagrate Achieved ABS Type Approval For All Molded and Pultruded Fiberglass Grating Products - 2008

Chinagrate Achieved US Coast Guard Level 2 Certificates for Molded and Pultruded Phenolic Gratings - 2005

Chinagrate has received United States Coast Guard Level 2 Approval for both molded and pultruded phenolic gratings! We're the only company that possess both certificates! Mr. Xie, General Manager of Chinagrate Nantong plant said "It just showed that Chinagrate is always on the forefront of new product development, and take a lead role, not follower. I would credit the achievement to our phenolic working group, who in the last three years, work hard and work smart, all those day-and-night trial and error finally paid off.!"

For more information on US Coast Guard Certificates click on the above or interest to become distributor, please contact us at info@chinagrate.com

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